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About Claire

As State Representative for District 122, Claire will be an advocate for families and a positive voice to improve our state's health care system, respond to the climate crisis, protect our environment, reverse gerrymandering and safeguard our democratic institutions.

Environmental Protection and Climate Change

Claire cares about protecting Texas' natural resources and tackling the urgency of climate change head on.

Safeguarding Democratic Norms

End gerrymandering, ensure fairness, and end voter suppression efforts.


Public Health and Affordable Health Care

We need to address racial and socioeconomic disparities in health outcomes and invest in the health of all Texans.

Equitable Funding for Public Schools

Our public school system needs to be strengthened through

equitable funding and a re-examination of accountability systems

Prioritizing Texans' Privacy, Safety,
and Human Rights

Advance public safety, trust in our communities, protect privacy, and human rights of all Texans.



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