For Bexar County COVID-19 Resources


Addressing COVID-19

Our leaders are failing us when it comes to COVID-19. Confusing messaging and a lagging testing infrastructure have cost lives. We must demand action from our leaders and work together to stop the spread. 

Public Health and Health Care

To help combat COVID-19 we must must:

  • Prioritize public health experts over business leaders in further reopening decisions. Thousands of lives have been lost and we must prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed and collapsing and further loss of life for our economy to recover.

  • Empower local officials with the authority to respond to local health conditions. The mayors and judges of some of our hardest hit areas are crippled without the ability to enforce local orders.

  • Call an emergency session of the state legislature to address the full scope of this crisis

  • Make the investments in testing and contact tracing that the governor promised months ago to contain the virus

  • Expand Medicaid to cover the millions of Texans who are newly uninsured, as well as the millions who lacked insurance before this crisis. Expanding Medicaid will also translate into billions of federal dollars flowing into Texas.

  • Rescue hospitals overwhelmed by this crisis to ensure both their ability to meet current need and their future viability

  • Open up the Rainy Day fund to cover the costs associated with this emergency.


Education and Schools

To address the impact of COVID-19 on schools we must:

  • Keep schools closed and provide online learning for most students until public health experts indicate community spread is under control and conditions allow for a safe return with appropriate safety protocols.

  • Allow districts to first provide in-person support for those who need it most, including the homeless, special needs students, and children of those who must work outside the home and lack access to other safe childcare options, as many of our local superintendents were planning before the Governor and TEA mandated schools must reopen 5 days a week for any student.

  • Cancel the STAAR test and funnel money to our school districts to allow them to make necessary investments in technology support for online learners and PPE and other safety equipment and supplies.

  • Decouple school funding from daily attendance for the duration of the pandemic and allow teachers to refocus curriculum to respond to the emotional health needs of our children, many of whom have experienced trauma over the past 6 months.

  • Treat teachers like the professionals they are; allow them to work from home while they are teaching online so they may care for their own children who may be home. Provide hazard pay to teachers and staff who return for essential in-person services and fund all necessary safety equipment, rather than expecting teachers to reach into their own pockets.

  • When conditions allow, phase reopening slowly, first focusing on younger children for whom online learning is least effective, and allow continued flexibility for online learning for all families.

  • Provide funding for increased school staffing and an overhaul of school facilities to allow for the eventual safe return of all students, including smaller class sizes, upgraded ventilation systems, and spaces for outdoor schooling/activities if those prove to be the safest venues.