Claire on the Issues

Claire knows which issues are important to her, but she wants to know what issues are important to you, the residents of District 122. That's why Claire has launched a "Listening Tour" so she can learn about what is important to you, your families, and your businesses. Let Claire know what is important to you! Email her at

Claire cares about:

Improving Public Health and Access to Affordable Health Care

  • Invest in the health of Texas’ women and children by lowering our appalling maternal mortality rate (highest in developed world) and decreasing number of uninsured families (one of the highest in nation)
  • Address racial and socioeconomic disparities in health outcomes
  • Support a strong economy by improving the physical health of its workforce and surrounding environment

We cannot be a leader in energy production if our citizens’ health and our environment are destroyed through inadequate care and neglect, pollution, and climate change. Ensuring access to affordable health care isn't just the right thing to do, it's essential for a thriving economy.

I am passionate about women’s and infant health, and through my volunteer work as a Breastfeeding Counselor and my professional experience helping design and run a Master’s degree program for future leaders in health care, I understand how our health care system works and how it doesn’t. I will work with health care providers and hospital administrators to develop health care policies that save lives and extend health care access for all Texans.

Equitable Funding and Sensible Standards for Public Education 

  • Strengthen our public school system, with stable and equitable funding and high quality, evidence-based standards
  • Re-examine our school accountability systems to make sure we are improving our schools without putting undue stress about testing on even our youngest students

We cannot be leaders in technology if our children and our university students do not learn basic science and critical thinking skills. A high quality, stable public education system isn’t just good for our children; it’s good for our economy. If we invest in our people and ensure they have the fundamental skills to be good citizens and understand the modern world, we will build a workforce ready to drive a rapidly changing economy and strengthen our democracy.

As the mother of two young daughters, I am passionate about building a strong future for our district and all of Texas. With my professional expertise in education, I understand how people learn, the evidence that underpins successful education approaches and systems, and how to leverage technology to accelerate learning and the transfer of knowledge and skills. I will work with teachers and school administrators to ensure we meet our obligation to educate our next generation of citizens. 

Prioritizing Texans' Privacy, Security, and Safety

  • Protect privacy, civil liberties, and human rights of all Texans, with a focus on digital age
  • Improve the security of our elections and Texans’ personal information
  • Advance public safety and trust in our communities by empowering local officials and law enforcement to govern our localities and protect our communities in the ways they know best to ensure that all residents feel safe reporting crimes, seeking health care, taking their children to school, attending church - free from fear of detention or violence

We cannot thrive as a democracy if our personal information and privacy are stolen, our civil liberties chiseled away, our elections subject to tampering, and people fear for their physical safety.

For years, I have studied and developed training in online privacy and cyber, personal, and national security topics. I understand the threats to our individual privacy and personal information, as well as the threats to information systems owned by our businesses and local, state, and national governments. I will collaborate with professionals in cybersecurity, civil liberties, privacy, and national security who are committed to safeguarding our elections, protecting our information, and preserving the safety of our nation.


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