Protecting the Environment and Addressing Climate Change

  • Protect the beauty of the abundant natural resources in Texas through enforcing and enacting environment protections

  • Tackle the urgency of climate change head on by incentivizing policy to mitigate the effects of a warming planet and ensure a prosperous future for our children

  • Make Texas a leader in renewable energy for the health of our communities, environment, and economy 


Improving Public Health and

Access to Affordable Health Care

  • Invest in the health of all Texans by expanding Medicaid and decreasing number of uninsured families 

  • Address racial and socioeconomic disparities in health outcomes

  • Support a strong economy by improving the physical health of its workforce and surrounding environment


Strengthening our Public Schools 

  • Our public school system needs to be strengthened through equitable funding and a re-examination of accountability systems

  • Increase teacher and support staff pay to recruit and retain the most qualified, caring, and committed professionals to educate and care for our children

  • Re-examine our school accountability systems to make sure schools are preparing our children to do more than take a test and that our performance measures are fair and realistic


Safeguarding Democratic

Norms and Institutions

  • End gerrymandering and ensure fairness in upcoming redistricting by establishing an independent redistricting commission

  • Advance equity in our democratic system by ending voter suppression efforts and instituting online and automatic voter registration

  • Improve the security of our elections and Texans’ personal information


Prioritizing Texans' Privacy, Safety, and Human Rights

  • Protect privacy, civil liberties, and human rights of all Texans, with a focus on digital age

  • Enact common sense gun legislation to reduce gun violence and promote gun safety

  • Advance public safety and trust in our communities by empowering local officials and law enforcement to govern our localities and protect our communities in the ways they know best to ensure that all residents feel safe reporting crimes, seeking health care, taking their children to school, and attending church - free from fear of detention or violence